Quick, simple and very easy to use

I have been asked by several clients for advice on how to save time sharing their posts on several social media platforms. Over the years I have tried and tested several different plugins both free and paid for pro versions. And then I came across Blog2Social and their WordPress Social Post Plugin.

I was quickly won over on how simple it was to use. And actually how good it was. Once the plugin was installed and activated, I was able to share posts to different social media platforms with such ease.

The free version of the plugin allows you to use some of the most common social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

With Facebook you can connect your personal profile as well as your business page. If you are looking to post to Facebook groups, then its a worth while investment to purchase the Pro plugin. You get 30 days free trial with the Pro plugin too! This is great so you can play around and test the plugin to make sure it does everything you want it do to.

wordpress social post plugin screen shot

My favourite WordPress Social Post Plugin to date

Once you have connected your social media accounts, go to the ‘Site & Blog Content’ tab in the menu and you will see all your most recent posts and pages. Find the post or page you wish to share and press the ‘Share on Social Media’ button. All of your connected social accounts will appear.

Customise the message for each of the social media accounts, or you can keep them all the same. But I would recommend changing the message for each social media platform as they are different. By that I mean, Facebook is more informal, LinkedIn and Twitter is more business orientated. I’m sure over time, you will work out and see what works best with your followers and services or products you are selling.

With the Pro version, you get so many more features;

  • Auto-Post and Auto-Schedule posts.
  • Gives you best times to post on each social network.
  • Automatically turns your posts into an adapted format for each platform. Such as #hashtags, @handles etc
  • More social media calendar features to keep track of your shared posts and scheduling plan.
  • Monitor and measure your marketing success in Google Analytics.
  • And much more…

You can use the link to download and install the WordPress Social Post Plugin.

Have fun and enjoy testing the plugin.

If you would like any help setting up the plugin and step by step guidance on how to use, then I’d be happy to assist.

Also, if you are looking for website design help, get in touch and let’s get your business website up and running.