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I was approached by a Matt who owns a butchers shop in Almondbury. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, the shop had to close, but they still wanted to operate a delivery service to his customer base in Huddersfield.

Matt wanted an ecommerce website to promote his products and offer a delivery service to anyone with a HD postcode. Based on the customers basket total, offer free delivery over £20, as well as setting a minimum order value of £10. And Matt only wanted to deliver on 3 set days of the week.

Finally, Matt wanted a quick turn around to get the website up and running within a week.

Some great stats

Since the butchers website went live here are some great stats:

  • 50% increase in meat sales.
  • 25% increase in overall sales.
  • 60+ orders within 24 hours of website launch!
  • 75% increase in average order value per customer compared to previous period without the website.
  • 33% reduction of time spent on the phone taking orders and payments. The team now have more free time to process customer orders.

Over 130 products to add to the butchers shop

The first task was to start a spreadsheet and ask the client to write down all the products, weights and existing prices. Then prepare to take photos of all the products. Meat is not the most photographic of products to take photos of, so I suggested they add some colour using vegetables and bread. Something you would accompany the product with. This worked very well. In addition, adding the company logo on each image added a level of professionalism to the look and feel of the website.

Keep the online shop simple and easy to use

It was very important to keep the website simple and easy to use. Over complicating an e-commerce website is easily done. I’ve been there several times trying to order a something online and got frustrated with the customer journey or stupid popups every minute. Or it asks you to create an account before purchase, or even worse, you must login before your purchase. I hardly ever remember what the password was I created for a site I haven’t ordered from in a while.

So the check out process for the butchers website is simple and quick. The customer has an option to tick a box to create an account which then sends the customer an email to confirm their account has been created with a password for them to use.

When browsing the shop it was important the product categories are easy to see and use. As well as Search options if the customer isn’t able to find what they want quickly.

Exceeded expectations

The website going live was eagerly anticipated by the local community. I had been given Editor access to the butchers Facebook page, so I posted some updates to say that the website was coming soon. As well as updating the Facebook page with the updated logo and website details etc.

Within 24 hours of the butchers website going live, they received over 60 orders! All locally based. This was a fantastic result. Luckily with the setup of the website, we’d discussed and agreed to have a maximum number of deliveries available for each delivery slot. So when the maximum number of deliveries had been reached for one day, the customer then had to select the next available slot for delivery.

In addition to having a fantastic initial response to the ecommerce website going live, the average purchase order total for customers is 75% higher than initially expected. Setting a £ target for customers to get free delivery is one factor, but also the customers get to see all the products with a simple click. All the products are easily categorised and therefore customers are enticed to adding some additional pastries and or cakes to go with their order.

Since the website went live, Matt has seen a 50% increase in its core meat sales as well as a 25% increase in overall sales. Matt and his team have also saved over a third of their time, on a daily basis, being stuck on the phone taking orders and payments. Asking some of their tech savvy customers to use the website to place orders, and keeping their older customers using the phone service.

Finally, it also helps to have a fantastic reputation within the local community. The response on their Facebook page has been tremendous. Well done Matt!

On the right side of this page, you can see screen shots of the website (or below if you are using a mobile phone). You can also take a look at the butchers website.

Need help with an online ecommerce website?

You don’t have to sell meat. You could have any product or service to sell online. And at the present time, with the ongoing Coronavirus lock down, many businesses are switching to online ordering systems to keep them going. It’s much easier and quicker to manage website orders, than it is to take telephone orders. You know exactly what the customer has ordered and they have probably ordered more than what they originally wanted. The customer has already paid online and provided you with their delivery time and address.

If you would like some more information about getting started with an online ecommerce website, then either give me a call on 0800 970 8714 for a friendly chat, send your details to [email protected] or use the contact form and I’d be happy to call you back.

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