Customer needed help with their existing website

Customer website was broken and they were not receiving web enquiries

I was approached by ACC Flooring, Brighouse, to take a look at their existing website. They said their website was not producing any web enquiries. It wasn’t long to find out and confirm that their web forms were not working and ranked low on Google.

We discussed in detail what their priorities were and where they wanted the website to rank in Google. An action plan was agreed and their website was redeveloped.

website design for accflooring in brighouse

The website started producing relevant web leads

The new website gave the customer full access to add and edit pages, as well as creating new case studies and blog articles. As soon as the website went live, web enquiries started to come through. The new web design started producing web leads that were relevant to their core business.

You can check out ACC Flooring’s website at and if you would like to send me any feedback on the website, I would love to hear from you. You can email me, connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook, or use the contact form.

So, if you have an existing website that you are not happy with, it’s not doing its job and not getting any results, then please get in touch. I would be more than happy to help you turn a corner and start taking new steps in the right direction, finishing with a wonderful new website you would be proud to show the world.

Thanks Tony.