Volunteering to teach dance in Birmingham

Being creative and donating my time to help others are two important things I need my life!

If you don’t know me personally, then you’ll find out a lot about me,  my creative side and how I like to spend my free time.

Back in February 2019, I was asked to help with an idea of ‘train the trainer’. It was going to be a day long workshop, held in Birmingham, to help instructors that teach to be more successful as teachers, which in the longer term, will make their members more successful. An event like this is something right up my street! Of course, I said yes!

I was approached by the British Youth Band Association (BYBA – www.byba.org.uk). BYBA is an organisation that aims to promote the marching band activity, to encourage the social aspects and personal development of its membership.  [1]

Upon arrival at the Q3 Academy Great Barr in Birmingham, I met with the BYBA team and the rest of the volunteers for the day. We were briefed with our aims and objectives and got straight to work in the main sports hall.

tony creating some dance work to teach byba members

Being creative at a dance class

As you can see in the photo above I am showing some of the members how to dance whilst manipulating a flag. Extending my arms and lunging to the left side.

What’s a flag I hear you ask? A flag is a piece of material taped on to a long pole, usually 6 foot long. The flag originates from the military when a standard-bearer (soldier or civilian) would bear an emblem called a standard.  [2, 3]

I showed the members some basic flag routines that I had created, and demonstrated how the teachers can be more successful when teaching their own dance students.

As part of the BYBA workshop I was asked to demonstrate some of the basic flag moves whilst being recorded. These videos would be edited together and used as an online training tool to be made available to the BYBA community. I’m sure I’ll post a link somewhere on here when they videos are released.

collection of photos with tony creating some dance work and teaching the members

It’s a long day, but it’s a very rewarding day. I love to see the happy smiles on people’s faces when they have been able to do something great. Dance and flag waving is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, patience and practice. I teach all my students, that if you keep trying, you will one day succeed. Nothing makes me happier to see students concentrating and trying hard to be the best they can be at that moment in time.

Would you like me to help you organise a dance workshop? It could be with young kids, teenagers, or even adults. Give me a shout. I’d be more than happy to assist.

Thanks Tony.