Charity website was difficult to update

I have great news I wanted to share about another website for a charity going live. The charity is a UK based marching band organisation called the British Youth Band Association (BYBA). They provide opportunities for young peoples’ personal development through performance within the marching arts.

I was approached by the charity to help them update their existing website. Their website had been going for a few years and had a number of different volunteers updating the website.

Ownership of the website had changed recently and the new administrator/volunteer found the website to be difficult to update with news quickly. The charity were also paying a large yearly fee for hosting the charity website. I helped them save money on web hosting costs. I was able to help the charity get free web hosting and never have to pay for web hosting ever again.

charity website for BYBA screenshot

Charity website with members only area and shopping cart

As part of the new website design provided to the charity, they requested a members only area. So depending on the level of membership bands signed up for, they are able to access different website pages and documents. The different levels of membership were Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The charity website also has a Shopping Cart so they can sell virtual tickets for their events. And looking to the future, the charity will be able to sell merchandise on the website to assist with raising much needed funds.

You can check out their website at

So, if you have an existing website that you are not happy with, then please get in touch. I would be more than happy to help you turn a corner and start taking new steps in the right direction, finishing with a wonderful new website you would be proud to show the world. Also don’t forget, I can help you save costs on web hosting. You must be a registered UK charity to quality for free web hosting. I do offer discounted web hosting for help with non-profit websites.

Thanks Tony.