I believe in giving back, supporting local charities where I can

Like most businesses we are here to make a profit, but I believe that businesses and individual sole traders like myself, should help charities. At the end of the day, charities help so many people in many different ways.

On average I spend over 500 hours a year working with a local charity close to my heart, and volunteering my time with other charities around the UK.

Providing website design in Huddersfield I have helped charities save hundreds of pounds in yearly web hosting costs. Every penny counts, and I’d like to help you where I can.

Is my charity eligible for free web hosting?

To qualify for free web hosting, the charity must be a registered UK charity and have a UK registered charity number issued by the UK charity commission. If you don’t qualify, I can still help you with a reduced rate. Particularly if you are a non-profit organisation.

What do I need to do?

To get started with a free web hosting account for your UK registered charity, or get a reduced rate for a non-profit organisation, please get in touch by emailing me [email protected].

Additional help with your charity website

If you need additional help with your website, I can assist. I’ve designed websites for charities, and can help with;

  • Creating a blog section for your charity website
  • Creating a private members area within the website
  • Creating an online shop to sell products and merchandise
  • Daily backups and security checks against viruses and malware
  • SSL security to ensure any data transmitted between the website and the visitor is encrypted
  • Adding your social media accounts to the website
  • Making sure your charity website is registered properly with a Google Business account so your charity will be found on Google

If you have any questions about your existing website or you are thinking about a new website design, I’d be more than happy to assist. Get in touch either by calling me or emailing me at [email protected].