It’s really straight forward tbh

Recently, I completed a website for a charity, and they wanted to create a post on their WordPress website and include a Facebook video. I’d not done this for a few years, and historically it was quite difficult to achieve.

The client is using a WordPress template called Avada from Theme Forest. It has a tonne of features and built in demo themes you can use. Not that I use any demos. I always design a website myself to suit the customers requirements, colour scheme etc, then use the framework of Avada to build the customers website.

With Avada, you can easily embed Vimeo and Youtube videos. Or if you host the video yourself on your web hosting, you can play video yourself. Although you should really host the video on another platform to reduce server load.

I used Google to research ‘how to embed Facebook videos in to WordPress’ and found that Facebook had provided some great information on how to do this:

And I found it surprisingly easy to do. The Facebook Developer page tells you to find the URL of the Facebook video you want to embed, paste the URL into the text box provided and click ‘Get Code’. Finally, copy and paste the HTML code in to WordPress.

In this example the Facebook video URL was:

I clicked ‘Get Code’ and it gave me the following:

Copy to Clipboard

Embedding Facebook videos is as easy as ‘Copy and Paste’

I pasted the code in to a Syntax Highlighter module using the Avada framework, or you can use a simple Text Block and click the ‘Text’ tab before pasting in the code, previewed the changes, and it worked like a dream. Great stuff!

Although you should remove the, HTML, HEAD and BODY tags before you preview. I also removed some more code that wasn’t necessary, I was left with a much shorter snippet of code:

Copy to Clipboard

Reminder: If you are going to use the code above to paste in to your WordPress website, then make sure you change the URL of the Facebook video first 🙂

Below is the video embedded in to my WordPress website.

It was as easy as that. The client was happy with the end result. You can check out the post on the charity website here:

BYBA is a UK registered charity that approached me to create a website design in WordPress. They choose WordPress as they wanted to easily update the website with content. None of the volunteers within the charity are web developers, they all have full time jobs themselves, so a website that is easy to use and update was their top priority.

If you need an hand with anything WordPress related, I’d be happy to help. Get in touch my calling or emailing me. Or use the contact form and I’d be happy to call you back.

Thanks Tony.