Recently started a new business venture as an accountant and bookkeeper

I’m really looking forward to working with Cooper Accounting who, from word of mouth, gave me a call and asked for help with their Social Media Marketing and to design a website for accounting and bookkeeping services they offer.

Samantha is already super happy with the help and advice I have provided within the last few days. I’ve also created a first draft of their website homepage.

website design for accountants screen shot

Website design for Accountants

I also reworked their company logo to make it more ‘legal’ looking and ‘authoritative’. They had previously agreed for someone else to build the design but had made very little to no progress since January.

As part of the website design and build process, the website will have the following features:

  • SEO friendly for search engines.
  • Mobile responsive – So will look great on smaller screen sizes like mobiles and tablets.
  • Links to their Social Media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Full admin access so the client can add new content. As well as update existing text copy, images etc.
  • Full training on how to update their website.
  • Email addresses and advice on how to setup on laptop and mobile phone.
  • Daily backups of the website.
  • Up-time monitoring to know straight away if there’s a problem with the website.
  • Daily website security checks against hackers and malicious software attacks.
  • Full indexing of the website with search engines so they can be found by new customers.
  • Analytics installed so the customer can see where website traffic is coming from and what they do on the website.
  • As well as ongoing support when the customer needs it.

You can check out the full website design at the bottom of this article. I’ll post another update once the website has gone live so you can take a look.

Are you wanting a website but not sure where to start? I would be more than happy to help you turn a corner and start taking new steps in the right direction, finishing with a wonderful new website you would be proud to show the world. And start getting leads from your website.

Thanks Tony.

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